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Set It Fast Drop-in Anchor Setting Tool
Wedge Anchor Setting Tool

SetItFast Drop-in Anchor

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Use in Rotary Hammer Mode Only


The Set It Fast Setting Tool is a unique and revolutionary device used for setting drop-in or wedge type concrete anchors. It allows the individual to use his or her rotary hammer to set anchors by simply switching from the drill bit to the "Set-It-Fast setting tool." This is an easy change that speeds up anchor installation substantially without having to change the drill mode from "rotary hammer" to "hammer only" mode..

It is also a much more precise way to install anchors rather than by hammer. When properly used, this tool provides greater safety for the user, since no swinging of tools overhead is required. The tool is equipped with a sliding sleeve that holds the anchor in place on the tool for overhead use.

Five Reasons why the "Set-It-Fast setting tool" makes sense for your next project:

1. Easy to use
2. Requires less physical energy to install anchors, allowing installer to install more anchors
3. Sets anchors faster, allowing for greater production on your project
4. Safer installation of anchors - *no hammering required
5. Less anchor slippage and failure

SetItFast Drop-in Anchor Setting Tool


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