Set It FAST: Because Anchoring in Concrete Should Be Quick & Safe

There Weren't Safe and Efficient Anchor Setting Tools Out There.

After years of frustration having to install concrete anchors in a slow, primitive, and exhausting method provided by the drop-in and wedge anchor manufacturers, Tom Wallek created Set It FAST anchor setting tools.

Bottom line is that installing anchors is now a safe and efficient procedure.

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Anchor set tools

Why Set It FAST are the Best Anchor Setting Tools?

Anchor set tool

Less Time, Less Effort

Speeds up anchor installation without having to change the drill mode from "rotary hammer" to a "hammer only".

Anchor set tool


Provides greater safety for the user, since no hammering or swinging of tools overhead is required.

Anchor set tool

Superior Design

Equipped with a sliding sleeve that holds the drop-in and wedge anchor in place on the tool for overhead use.

Anchor set tool

Fits All SDS+ Tools

The choice of professional contractors in all construction trades around the United States.

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