How it Works

The Set It FAST anchor setting tools improve safety and reduce installation time by 70%.

Here's how it works:

1) Drill your anchor hole to the proper depth per the manufacturers recommendation.
2) Clean all debris from the hole resulting from the drilling.
3) Remove the drill bit from the drill and replace it with the properly sized Set it FAST wedge anchor setting tool.
4) Place the wedge anchor into the setting tool taking care to insert the threaded end first.
5) Insert the end of the wedge anchor into the anchor hole holding the drill perpendicular to the concrete surface.
6) Engage the drill trigger and stop when the anchor is fully driven into the surface. You will feel the anchor has bottomed in the hole. It will feel solid when the anchor is fully installed.
7) The anchor is now ready to be used and should be tightened to the manufacturers recommendations.

Note: There is no need to change drill mode from rotary hammer to hammer only mode. This is the advantage of our remarkable setting tools.

The Set It FAST anchor setting tools will take a lot of work load of your arm and back  saving you time, money, and hospital trips. 

Designed for applications like electrical, plumbing, sprinkler fitting, HVAC installation and more, the Set It FAST concrete anchor setting tools are a must have on the jobsite.

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