What kind of drills do Set It Fast tools work in?

      Our tools work in all modern drills that use SDS+ drill bits.

        Do you make setting tools for other drill styles?

          No, we only make SDS+ tools.

            Do your setting tools work with all drop-in anchors?

              Our tools work with most of the major anchor suppliers anchors. Consult with your anchor supplier to see if our tools are compatible.

                Do I have to change from the rotary hammer function to set anchors?

                  No, anchors actually set better in the rotary hammer function.

                    Do I need to clean the anchor hole before installing the anchor?

                      Yes, all procedures of cleaning or blowing out the anchor hole before anchor installation must be adhered to prior to installing and setting the anchor.

                        How long will my tool last?

                          Tool life is a function of use and abuse. It is generally believed that a tool will have an effective life of between 250 -500 anchor installations, depending if the installer stops hammering when the anchor has been effectively set. The setting tip will eventually break from crystallization due metal fatigue from the hammering of the tool.

                            What do I do if the self retracting sleeve starts sticking ?

                              Blow out the tool with compressed air and apply a silicone based lubricant.

                                What do I do if my tool breaks prematurely?

                                  Return it for examination and replacement. Call us at 775-830-7114 or complete our online form to get the processes started.