About Us


Our Name says it all

SETitFAST was founded in 2007, our simple beginnings were the result of years of frustration in having to install concrete anchors in the slow, primitive, and exhausting method provided by the drop-in and wedge anchor manufacturers. Personal injury was partly the motivation, and improved safety was a primary reason for developing our full line of installation tools for Drop-in and Wedge Anchors.

Anchor installation has changed greatly with the advent of dust control from drilling. Job injuries can no longer be tolerated as a cost of doing business. The medical cost of a broken finger or thumb from setting anchors by hand could cost thousands of dollars and affect your industrial insurance rating negatively for years. As a result, we designed our tools to be used with your roto-hammer and safety has been greatly improved.

Our background is construction! The inventor of our tool line, Tom Wallek, is a contractor and has held a contracting license for over 40 years. He has been a concrete cutting contractor his whole business life. And he used drop-in anchors every day he worked in the field to mount his core drill or wall saw to the concrete. He knows what it’s like to experience a glancing blow on his hand when a setting rod is missed with a double jack.

Demand for our tools began as our contracting clients requested the tools for their own use. Soon we became a favorite source for both concrete cutting and anchor setting tools. You know when you have a tool that makes the job easier… it doesn’t take any convincing to get others to give it a try. The response to the tools was so enthusiastic, we knew we had to give it a shot and take our tools out into the marketplace.

Our tools improve safety for sure! But more than that, they give you a competitive edge in production. They pay for themselves the first day on the job in more ways than one. They save energy for other physically intensive work. Bottom line is that installing anchors is now a safe and efficient procedure. And the project builds faster when the worker has more efficient tools, a safer work environment, and better ways of doing things.

SETitFAST Setting Tools. The competitive edge in safety and productivity!

You will not be disappointed!