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Set It FAST Concrete Anchor Setting Tools: The Competitive Edge in Safety and Productivity!

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The first Set It FAST anchor setting tools were created in 2007 as a result of my experiences as a concrete cutting contractor. After spending over 40 years in the business as a licensed contractor, I’ve seen, firsthand, the frustrations and pains that come with concrete cutting. The idea for the toolset came after I experienced my own personal injuries on construction sites.

My days cutting concrete often involved mounting my core drill and wall saw to concrete. While setting anchors with a double jack, the jack missed the setting rod and struck my hand many times, especially painful on a cold winter day. Even as an experienced professional who’d performed these tasks many times with no problems, I’d still manage to get injured. The methods I’d been using felt slow, exhausting, and ultimately cost me medical bills when I was injured. Something needed to change.

Since I’d begun working in construction, I noticed that the industry had changed. Safety and productivity were being prioritized alongside workmanship. There was more dust control around drilling and onsite injuries were no longer being accepted as “the cost of doing business”. Savvy leaders recognized that breaking a finger while setting anchors by hand cost their team money, slowed down projects, and had a negative impact on their insurance rates for years after an incident.

As a result, I designed my set of tools to be used with a roto-hammer to improve safety. I found that the tools were a great help in the field. After a while, others noticed too. Demand for my anchor setting tools grew and contracting clients started requesting the tools to use themselves. Set It FAST was born and our tools have since become a favorite in the realm of concrete and masonry anchor setting tools.

Set It FAST’s line of DIAST drop-in anchor setting tools, wedge anchor setting tools, and drive pin tools improve safety and take less physical effort to install than the traditional methods. More than that, the tools give teams and technicians a competitive edge on the field. Our customers have noticed the setting tools pay for themselves in as little as a day of use by saving them energy and allowing them to work quickly with less fear of injury.

As a company, Set It FAST is on a mission to make anchor installation a safe and efficient part of construction work.

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Tom Wallek, inventor of the Set It FAST anchor-setting tool