How to Use Set It FAST’s Stop Drill Bits

stop drill bits tips

In the world of concrete cutting and construction, every tool in your kit plays a crucial role. One tool that often gets overlooked, but is essential for precise drilling, is the stop drill bit. Stop drill bits can be used to make it easier to drill holes at the right depth for your drop-in anchor.

Here are some tips to help you use Set It Fast’s stop drill bits to their fullest potential:

Tip #1 - Use a Hammer Drill or Rotary Hammer for Anchor Installations

The effectiveness of your stop drill bits largely depends on the type of drill you pair them with. For optimal results, only use a hammer drill or rotary hammer. Set It FAST’s stop drill bits are designed to work with hammer drills and rotary hammers. These drills offer the force and speed necessary for the stop drill bits to function correctly. Using other types of equipment can compromise effectiveness.

Tip #2 - Mark the Drilling Point Before Your Start

You must drill a hole in the correct spot each time you install a drop-in anchor. Before you start drilling, mark an ‘X’ where you want to drill using a pencil or sharpie. This step will guide you during the drilling process, ensuring you hit the right spot and maintain precision.

Tip #3 - Don’t Forget Your Safety Glasses

Safety should always be your top priority when handling any power tools. Always wear safety glasses when drilling anchor holes. Concrete chips can frequently fly off in every direction when you are working. There is a significant chance that a bit of concrete could fly up into your face and damage your eyes. By wearing safety glasses, you prevent potential eye injuries.

Tip #4 - Maintain a Consistent Drilling Speed

The quality of the hole you drill is significantly influenced by your drilling technique. To get the best results, maintain a steady and consistent speed when using your stop drill bit. Consistency will help you create a clean and uniform hole, enhancing the overall quality and stability of your project.

Tip #5 - Keep Your Drill Bit Aligned at the Right Angle

Creating a secure hold for an anchor often relies on drilling at the right angle. For the best results with our stop drill bits, keep your drill bit at a 90-degree angle to the surface you are drilling into. This alignment ensures the hole is straight and helps the anchor fit properly.

Setting Anchors FAST: Next Steps

With these tips and Set It FAST’s stop drill bits, you’ll be able to install drop-in anchors quickly, consistently, and at the proper depth. Start setting drop-in anchors like a pro using our full set of stop drill bits, which come in 5 different convenient sizes. Visit for additional anchor setting tools such as drop-in anchor setting tools, wedge anchor setting tools, drive pin tools, and popular drop-in setting tool and drill bit combo kits.