1/2" Stop Drill Bit for Installing Drop In Anchors

1/2" Stop Drill Bit for Installing Drop-in Anchors

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  • This drill bit is recommended to be used with our setting tools. It assures the anchors are set to the prescribed depth, maximizing anchor performance.
  • Stop Drill Bits are used to assure that drop in anchors are installed at the correct depth. It is impossible to maintain the correct depth without Stop Drill Bits. For drop in anchors to hold properly, they must be set properly and at the proper depth. Using Stop Drill Bits and Set It FAST Setting Tools together can help achieve a consistent installation process.
  • We highly recommend the use of Stop Drill Bits. Attempting to set anchors too deep in the concrete may damage or cause the premature failure of your Set It FAST Setting Tool.

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The 1/2" stop-drill bit works best with our 1/2" drop-in anchor setting tool:

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