3/8" Mini Drop-in Anchor Setting Tool

3/8" Mini Drop-in Anchor Setting Tool

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  • 2nd in popularity to the 3/8” standard drop–in, this mini drop-in anchor set tool is allows for quick and safe drop-in anchor installation.
  • Our Set It FAST drop-in setting tool provides a revolutionary patented system for installing drop-in anchors.
  • This system is the choice of professional contractors in all construction trades.
  • It provides a safe and efficient method for installing anchors overhead, in walls, or in floors. 
  • Our drop-in anchor tool significantly reduces the risk of anchor failure due to improper setting.

We offer 3 sizes of set tools for drop in anchors. Browse our other 2 sizes:

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We recommend using our 3/8" mini drop-in anchor tool with our 3/8" stop-drill bit:

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Here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of Set It FAST's drop-in anchor setting tools.